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Emily. 17. Australia. NSW.
Surfing, Summer, Disney, Harry Potter, Mermaids, Boys, Alana Blanchard, Soul Surfer, Blue Crush.
Make-Kate and Ashley are THE hottest.
Started surfing when I was about 10, I'm not exactly an amazing surfer because somethings always holding me back. Bethany Hamilton is the reason I really started surfing, her book Soul Surfer was the first book I read that wasn't Harry Potter, she was the reason I began surfing and I couldn't thank her enough for giving me this gift. Surfing is the best excape from reality. It is so addictive, once you get one good wave you can't stop. I am working towards getting over my fear of drowning since I had a near drowning accident when I was 12 and my biggest dream is to be sponsored by a Surf company, I know it will probably never happen, because I have no balls, but it would be the most amazing career in the world. I also want to live in Hawaii, I love Australia but I love the Hawaiian culture.